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Marisota is a catalogue from Candid Collections Limited, a sister company to the J D Williams & Company Limited. Marisota offers an extensive collection of clothing lines as well as other products designed for all body sizes and all ages. The company also specializes in plus size women’s wear to ensure that the requirements of all their clients are met.

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Launched in 2007, Marisota is a brand of clothing line designed to meet the requirements of women  when it comes to the latest in fashion. This brand was influenced by the fact that almost half of the population of women in the UK has a body size of 16 or bigger. Aside from the offering the latest in women’s wear fashion ranging from sizes 12 all the way to 32, the company also offers a wide range of styles and fits.

Bringing you the Latest in Fashion Right to your Doorstep

When you want only the latest in fashion when it comes to women’s wear, Marisota carries everything that you need and delivers it right to your doorstep. From coats and jackets to dresses, from jeans to jumpsuits, from knitwear to leggings, from skirts to sportswear, from tailoring to tops and from trousers to shorts. Find the perfect clothes for your everyday use or for special occasions. With more and more lines added to bring you only the most fashionable and stylish women’s wear and women’s fashion, you will never have to experience problems when you look in your wardrobe.

Providing you with Ways to Enhance your Body Shape

Marisota is known for specializing in fashion solutions and problem solving products for body size issues. These products that this direct home shopping company has to offer can help you enhance your body shape. If you always have a hard time finding clothes because of your plus size, then you should browse through the company’s selection of Magi-Sculpt products, the Simply Wow jeans category, the Magi-Fit items and the Simply Voluptuous clothing line.

The Magi-Sculpt products that are available in trousers, skirts, dresses, and tops will give you a shapelier figure. If you want to visibly flatten your bum while providing it with a firm and beautiful shape, the company’s collection of Simply Wow jeans will help you do just that. If you experience difficulties in finding women’s wear that fits your body size, the Simply Voluptuous products will help you find the right one in just 3 fittings. The Magi-Fit collection, which is available in skirts, trousers, and jeans will give you the benefits of great tummy control.

Giving you Ways to Improve your Health and Your Home

Aside from carrying the latest in women’s wear and women’s fashion, Marisota also carries other products designed to help you improve your health and your home. With the company’s Health and Beauty products ranging from cosmetics to fragrances, from skin care to hair care and from men’s fitness to health

This direct home shopping company also has a collection of products that you can use to upgrade your home. Whether it is for your bathroom, bedroom, dining room, garden, kitchen, home office, or your living room Marisota carries everything you need to improve your home and living conditions. You can also browse through the company’s Electricals category containing the latest in gadgets and other electrical appliances.

Offering you the Best Products At Great Prices

With more than 1,500 clothing lines to offer, Marisota also makes shopping more affordable for all their customers. This direct home shopping company offers daily and weekly deals on their items to meet the budget of their members while still providing only the highest quality and the most fashionable and stylish products. In fact, as of today, the company is having a  sale of up to 60 % off on their clothing lines as well as on their other products. With all these great deals, discount & voucher codes, sales and promotions you can still get what you want but for a lower price for more savings.

Delivering your Purchases the Fastest Way Possible

While Marisota makes use of a standard delivery process, the company also offers to deliver purchases as soon as the next day. If you place your order online before 5PM, your new clothes, shoes and accessories will be delivered the very next day when you take advantage of the company’s next day delivery method. This is a great option if you do not have time to wait for a few days for your items, or if you just want to get your items the fastest way possible. You can also choose to have your purchases delivered anywhere in the UK.

These are just some of the things that Marisota has to offer. If you want to shop at your convenience and do it right at the comfort of your own home, then you should take a look at the Marisota online catalogue today.

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